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Registered Galloway and Commercial Galloway available from Galloway stud registered with the Australian Galloway Association


Bollygum Farm is a stud, fully registered with the Australian Galloway Association. We offer registered and commercial Galloway as both miniatures, and full sized for breeders looking to improve beef quality through the introduction of hybrid vigour.


Our heifers and cows become available as we seek to diversify our genetics, or when they are incompatible with our current bulls.

We sell steers to individuals seeking companion animals, as cattle to care for their pastures, or to manage small landholdings.

Bulls are best suited for stud farms looking to breed registered Galloway, and for breeders wanting to create excellent hybrid vigor in beef.

Renowned for their docile nature, easy calving, longevity and disease resistance we select to enhance these positive traits of this ancient Scottish breed, with the assistance of the Australian Galloway Association.

Galloway are excellent performers in cool climates, ideal for landholders looking to enjoy their docile nature, exceptional calving capabilities and nurturing instincts. They are high performing  on even the poorest quality feeds, are easily handled and make wonderful companions.

Chemical free, antibiotic free and no growth hormones


We value staying connected with those who share our passion for Galloways, regenerative farming, and premium beef.

If you're interested in receiving updates, would like further information, or if you would like to put your name down to reserve a Galloway before it goes on sale, please fill out the form below.

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Register on our VIP listfor exclusive early access to our Bollygum Beef, to see new Miniature Galloway arrivals and for the latest news about the farm.

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