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Landscape image of Bollygum Farm. One native tree to the left, more native trees to the right with a clearing in between


Nestled in the coastal forrest of the Great Southern, Denmark Western Australia, Benita and Damian retired from their corporate lives and embarked on a transformative journey that would cement their love and respect for the Galloway.

Their decision to nurture the land and establish a small herd with the finest genetics on 140 acres was motivated by their admiration for the breed and a vision to regenerate the land.


As their herd thrive amongst lush pastures, Benita and Damian are committed to their pursuit of excellence with each step, and through sustainable agricultural practices, they stride closer to cultivating a herd of Galloway cattle that are synonymous with strength, vitality and tranquility.

Bollygum Farm is not only a place to experience a profound connection with nature, but also produces a shining example of what a premium breed of Galloway can achieve.

This story of love, resilience, regenerative agriculture and the ancient enduring magic of the Galloway cattle has only just begun.

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One white full size galloway grazing and one red miniature galloway looking at the viewer


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