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butcher preparing a large cut of meat


Our Galloway mature and gain weight on chemical free pasture for life. We don't use growth promoting hormones or antibiotics. The animals range freely and are not restricted in feed-lots.


The beef is processed when the animals are reach their processing weight naturally. The meat is then hung for a minimum of 10 days before it is cryovaced, packaged and delivered to you in 10 - 12kg packages.

Our Customers pre-order. You can do this on-line below now for delivery to your door as soon as the animal is processed. We will let you know when that happens.


If you prefer not to order and pay on line just email us or call Benita or Damian and we can process your order with you - 0431 458 385

various cuts of beef displayed in flat lay


We also provide an option to purchase a half carcass for those looking for a truely rounded experience of our Galloway beef.

To enquire or preorder, please message us below.



Register on our VIP listfor exclusive early access to our Bollygum Beef, to see new Miniature Galloway arrivals and for the latest news about the farm.

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